joi, 17 ianuarie 2013

How to install Cyanogenmod 10 Rom on your Rikomagic MK802II

All the credits for this mod belongs to servili007 user from Rikomagic MK802 Forums. Thanks mate! So for details go and read this post here, as the man suggested, and if you like it, let's buy him a beer! Here is another mirror for the Cyanogenmod 10 Rom download.

So take a look to this short video, hope it is helpful.


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Hey thanks for the input ... I have a problem when I put the micro sd MK802II on television to get a message that says "video resolution not supported" and stays in black screen .... appreciate your answer thanks!

Hey.. Display output for this version is exactly 1280x720. You either need to adjust your TV settings to zoom out/disable underscan, or your TV is old enough that it lacks the ability to adjust to it...


In my case, I've got a Sony TV ( 3D) and the resolution of Cyanogen works like non-HD broadcast. I have to choose to put the wide screen. In previous rom (stock), it worked pretty well in this issue.

My TV is a Samsung 40 inch 1080p ... I found no such option .. thanks for replying

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