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Download Philips Wi-Fi MediaConnect version 1.6.42

Wi-Fi MediaConnect is a Windows-based software application that projects video and audio, wirelessly from your PC to your TV. You can project movies, music, photos, presentations or other content that is playing on your laptop or desktop PC. You can use Wi-Fi MediaConnect with compatible Philips TVs. With Wi-Fi MediaConnect you can play any online content, in any file format that your PC supports.

Download Philips Wi-Fi MediaConnect version 1.6.42 (wi-fi_mediaconnect_setup_philips_v1.6.42) from here, here or here.

Now, Philips Wi-Fi MediaConnect turned into Philips WirelessConnect.

The Wi-Fi MediaConnect compatible TVs are: 
  • TV produced in the Year 2010 or later that required a Wireless USB Adaptor (PTA01) in order to use WiFi MediaConnect. Or you may try PortWorld WLWK-05 USB WiFi Dongle.

32PFL5806, 32PFL6606, 32PFL6626, 32PFL6636, 32PFL7605, 32PFL7655, 32PFL7665, 32PFL7675, 32PFL7685, 32PFL7695, 32PFL7406, 32PFL7476, 32PFL7486, 32PFL7496, 32PFL7606, 32PFL8605, 37PFL6606, 37PFL7515, 37PFL7605, 37PFL7675, 37PFL7606, 37PFL7676, 37PFL8605, 40PFL5806, 40PFL6606, 40PFL6626, 40PFL6636, 40PFL7605, 40PFL7606, 40PFL8505, 40PFL8605, 42PFL7655, 42PFL7665, 42PFL7675, 42PFL7685, 42PFL7695, 42PFL7406, 42PFL7456, 42PFL7486, 42PFL7606, 42PFL7656, 42PFL7676, 42PFL7696, 42PFL8605, 42PFL8606D, 46PFL5806, 46PFL6606, 46PFL6626, 46PFL6806, 46PFL7605, 46PFL7655, 46PFL7665, 46PFL7695, 46PFL8505, 46PFL8605, 46PFL8685, 46PFL9605, 47PFL7456, 47PFL7606, 47PFL7656, 50PFL7956,   50PFL8956D, 52PFL8605,   55PFL6606,   55PFL7606

  • TVs produced in the Year 2010 or later has a built in Wi-Fi and you do not need additional wireless USB adaptor (PTA01) to use WiFi MediaConnect.

32PDL7906, 32PFL9606, 32PFL9705, 37PFL7666, 37PFL9606, 40PFL8606, 40PFL9606, 40PFL9705, 40PFL9715, 42PFL7666, 42PDL7906, 46PFL8606, 46PFL8686, 46PFL9705, 46PFL9706, 47PFL7666, 52PFL9606, 58PFL9955, 58PFL9956.

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