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MK802II firmwares gathered on one place!

So, in this short post I gathered all the links with the different versions of firmware tested by me for Rikomagic MK802II, an Allwinner A10 device.

Here we go:

4. Uhost U1A-404.000.10.121024 firmware 
5. Cyanogenmod 10 firmware
6. Unlock your MK802 II firmware 
7. Justop Android 4.0 TV Box v1.8 firmware  
8. Measy U1A 4.0.4 Stock firmware  
9. Optoelectronics HBD400 4.0.4 firmware - rooted
10. Justop TV Box Android 2.3.4 firmware
11. Rikomagic A10 Media PC Android 4.0.4 firmware  - rooted
12. Justop Android 4.0 TV Box v1.8 Revised firmware
13. Uhost U1A 404.013.00.121214 firmware - not rooted
14. MK802II v1.3 firmware from - rooted
15. Minidroid MK802II 1.1 firmware - rooted
16. PineRiver Mini X H24_en_0710 firmware - rooted
17. PineRiver Mini Xplus h24-v1.6-1229 firmware - rooted
18. pcDuino Android 20130115 firmware - rooted
19. PineRiver Mini Xplus H24 v1.6-0124 2013 firmware - rooted
20. OpenBox A1 404.003.10.120921 firmware - rooted
21. Official Rikomagic 12.10.20 firmware - rooted
22. Android 4.1 for Justop Android TV Box V2.0_REV1_Beta firmware - not rooted.
23. Measy U1A version 20121203 firmware 
24. Android 4.1 Justop Android TV Box V2.0_REV2_Beta firmware
25. GV-17 Mini PC 20130123 firmware
26. Mele Smart TV Box 4.0 V1.2 custom firmware - rooted
27. Zero Devices Z902 SP20121110 firmware - rooted
28. Mele Smart TV Box 4.0 V1.3.1 firmware - rooted
29. Mele 20120612 v1.7 Android 2.3 firmware 
30. Sambao  XW-I8 firmware - rooted.
31. Kimdecent Droid Stick T4 firmware - rooted
32. Kimdecent Smart TV Box T3 firmware
33. IconBit Toucan TV Box firmware - rooted
34. 3Q AB290HW TV Box firmware - rooted
35. Digma HDMP-600 TV Box firmware - rooted
36. IconBit Toucan TV Box Android 2.3.4 firmware 
37. 3Q AB290HW TV Box 20130116_v1.3.1 firmware - rooted.
38. Mele HTPC 2012-12-29 tuscanman_v0.1 firmware - rooted
39. PineRiver H24 v1.6_0202 firmware - rooted.
40. Yarvik Tab364 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware - not rooted.  
41. CyanogenMod10 Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 firmware - rooted.
42. AOKP Jelly Bean 4.1.2 version 3.0.52 firmware  
43. Cyanbook Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Beta 2 firmware  - rooted.
44. Justop Android TV Box 4.1.1 V2.0 REV3 Beta firmware  - not rooted.
45. Digma iDs10 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware - not rooted
46. Mele A10 v2.0.1 20130411 Metro / Modern UI firmware - rooted
47. Mele A10 v2.0.3 Metro / Modern UI firmware - rooted
48. CarbonRom 4.2.2 20130507-162344-907 firmware - rooted.
49. Cherry M-1007 4.1 Jelly Bean 20121217  - not rooted
50. Cherry M-1007 4.0.4 ICS 20120616 firmware - not rooted.
51. Digma IDS10 A41_v1.1.19 11052013 firmware - not rooted. 
52. LY-F1HD 20130319.2.0.6 v.4.2 firmware - not rooted.
53. Digma IDS10 A41_v1.1.19 08042013 Tweaked firmware - not rooted.
54. Digma IDS10 A41 v1.1.21 10062013  firmware - not rooted. 
55. Mele Smart TV Box A10 v2.0.4 Metro / Modern UI firmware - rooted. 
56. Digma IDS10 A41 v1.1.22-18062013 firmware - not rooted. 
57. Protab 25 XXL 20130130 firmware - not rooted. 
58. Digma IDS10 A41 v1.1.23-18062013 firmware - not rooted
59. Digma IDS10 A41 v1.1.25-04072013 firmware - not rooted
60. Digma IDS10 A41 v2.0.0 13072013 firmware - not rooted
61. Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 firmware - not rooted
62. Uhost (U1A) 404.013.00.130701 firmware - rooted.
63. FreeTab 9701 Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 firmware - not rooted.  
64. FreeTab 9701 Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 firmware - rooted.
65. Mele Smart TV Box A10 v2.0.5 Metro / Modern UI firmware - rooted. 
66. Digma IDS10 A41 v2.0.4 23082013 firmware - not rooted. 
67. ParanoidAndroid v.3.69 firmware JB 4.2.2 - rooted.
68. CM10.1 20130812 Unofficial 907 JB 4.2.2 - rooted. 
69. AOKP 907 Unofficial 2013-08-12 firmware JB 4.2.2 - rooted.
70. Carbon Unofficial 20130619 907 JB 4.2.2 firmware - rooted.
71. Digma IDS10 A41 v2.0.8 27092013 firmware - not rooted. 
72. Official Rikomagic 20131019 firmware - rooted.

- The easiest way to root Rikomagic MK802II Stick
Rikomagic MK802II short circuit recovery method

Stay focused, more to come!  
What's your favourite firmware?
Please tell us why! 

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Thanks, but which one you think is the most stable and fastest?

No doubt about it, the CyanogenMod 10 (Jelly Bean 4.1) is the most fastest and beautifull. Most stable I think it is the Uhost U1A-404.000.10.121024 firmware....

Does all features works on the CM10?

Hi Dany One tip never use mini usb port for web camera because cant work, try to change usb ports or try with hub attached to full size USB port on MK II. Good luck Skype for me works in "Unlock your MK II" FW with posted setup. Good luck .:-)

Yes, you're right, I knew it, you can see that in my odser posts... I guess I was to tired that night... Thanks m8!

Hi, thanks for all your hard work. Which is the vest firmware for video playback and xbmc?

What doesn't work YET in CM10

UVC webcams (in progress)
Possibly USB based audio devices (in progress)
Proprietary settings found in the stock roms. (including the ability to set the resolution. We are currently hardcoded to 720p50 and I will release flashable zips soon as an easy workaround until settings are properly implemented.)
other things

the best firmware for video playback and xbmc = Uhost U1A-404.000.10.121024 firmware

When I install these firmware's I cannot side load any apps the install confirmation box shows but I physically cannot click install, I can click cancel but not install!

I have tried this with about 20 apps.


If you want to install from apk file you must turn off screen fit in options reboot and then you install

@Wron01 - Screen fit? is that on my TV or on the MK802?

If on MK802 where do I find the option within options?


Internet searching has brought me to the conclusion that some apps cause this problem.
I did a clean reset and now I can side load apps ok.
I'll let you know if I work out which app was causing the issue.

which one can use MXPlayer HW+? I'm using unlock mk802 II but it doesn't work with HW+ decoding and it's no longer supported

Try Uhost firmware U1A-404.000.10.121024

No browsers Flash streams can be viewed in full screen mode (black screen), try ,some strams are 4 times bigger than full screen, any fix???
this is what i usually watch , tv flash streams, thanks U1A new and before ver.

Hi javier.
Try to update to the latest Flash Player version - download it from here and use flash-enabled browsers like Firefox for Android, Dolphin Browser HD or something similar...
Good luck!

Hi, Dan updated flash player but still black screen, please if you now an alternative solution please comment, thanks

Black screen fix - installed "hide status bar" from google play, hide the status bar, then start your flash movie in a browser oer an chrome. Worked for me.

Thanks a lot Fbueller,(i really think i was cheatted again nothing worked before), but today i did it, i never founded "hide status bar" but i founded "Full!screen" app. in playstore , just download and it work (superuser is not needed) even that it is root required
Please if you understand this maybe you can add it to the Smallart U1a firmware, there are 2 fixes

Still searching for... ;)

Hi Dan Stefan, now my device works great( firmware upgrades) but i always wish to install apps like Viber, Voxer and Google Voice, do you call this way?

great collection...I've iRULU mini TV box ( (

any firm ware for me? whether CWM recovery canbe installed?

Hi Anil Bharadiya. The CPU is the same (Allwinner A10 Cortex A8), so you can try also some of these firmware version....

Hi javier.
My favourite calling app is Skype, but I guess also Viber or Voxer should work....

Only Skype work for (measy Rc13 remote control $37 dlls dual audio) , the usb audio card $2 dlls do the same, it works also for google search , but it is useless for me because i receive calls to my american number in my cellphone living in a different country and that way i can make cheaper international calls , thats why i want to know if someone has a fully compatible microphone device, Viber and Line could work great also for me, thnks everyone

Hi Dan Stefan,

Thank you very much for this comprehensive list. It really is a long list and I don't think I'll ever find time to try them all... so I'd like your advice.
I want a fast and stable firmware and the Apps that I would be using most are: Skype with video, HD video on youtube and TED, Browser, and the Google account basic apps like email and calendar. That's all.

What firmware would you recommend in this case?

I was thinking to use "Unlock your MK II" recommended above by "In Progress"...


One more question... I have never installed a different firmware on my mk802II before. Is the process the same for all firmwares listed here? Could you give me a link to instructions on how to do this?

Thanks again!

Hi, lunatico, i think Uhost U1A-404.000.10.121024 firmware is the most stable one, is rooted too, to see hd youtube you must install Freedi youtube player, just insert sd card and wait (do not turn it off it will take for about 5 minutes doing nothing) if you brick it can be recovered via usb to usb wire , i learned it that way and now my useless device work great thanks to upgarde

pcduino new version

PengStick ROM

in this pcduino firmware version the wifi doesn't work -
I wasn't able to install PengStick.img via Phoenix Card Tool. Did you install it?

Tried couple of roms but didnt find what I was looking for. I need these things wireless keyboard/mouse support, bluetooth, ethernet, PPPoe dialer and 1080p. The closest roms were DigmaIDS10 and 4.2.2 roms. But these lacked 1080p or wireless keyboard/mouse support. Any Digma supporting 1080p ????

salut Dan Stefan, o intrebare- pe care fw ar merge stick-ul internet e3131 de la digi mobile?

Hello, I just installed the Uhost U1A-404.000.10.121024 meant for video playing and it runs better than original firmware, except by one detail it Don't recognize my USB external HDD or Pendrives... Why? What I´m missing?

hello. rom+fixed touchscreen for yarvik tab468? others roms loading original recovery fine and not working touch screen. thank you for help me!

hello, is there any rom image to run Hulu Plus?

New build CM10.1 12.08.2013

New AOKP 4.2 12.08.2013

Thank you 4 your support! :)

IDS10 v2.0.8 27/09/2013

Thank you, as always! ;)

CM10.1 15.10.2013 with partial HWA

I adapted latest CM10.1 (android 4.2) from ugers to MK802II (fix audio and partition).
Link to my folder

Hi Kiodo1981
Wich file sould we download to get CM working with sound? Also has CM support for esternal usb hard drives?

Download from my copy folder. I connect a USB key 8gb.

Hi Kiodo1981 thanks for your reply!
How do I fix the sound using the have you some directions to achieve that?

Hi i need the stable firmware for Bluetooth head set for mk802ii to make call on viber or line
Thank you..

there is no file, when I click to this link:
I adapted latest CM10.1 (android 4.2) from ugers to MK802II (fix audio and partition).
Link to my folder

cannot make with phoenix, it say no script try latest image,im on w7 64, thanks for the trouble

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Acest comentariu a fost eliminat de administratorul blogului.

please fix measy u1a dl link!

New version from IDS ids10-a41_v2.1.0-23062014.img.7z

Is there any rom for Tv Box Allwinner A20 GV-17 ? I need help !

Wifi not working (softwinner xw-8i)

Uhost (U1A) 404.013.00.130701 firmware,wifi off solved problem, change screen resolution, default this in 1080p :)

Can anybody recommend a firmware that can run youtube with audio and video in sync? I don't need anything else. Maybe the resolution could be greater than 1024x768.

Can anyone please post a mirror link to the Measy U1A stock firmware?

I tried installing Ubuntu on it, but wifi didn't work. Then tried installing the v1.6 firmware, but wifi still did not work. Tried MK802, Justop, Uhost firmwares. Still no wifi. Now I want to return to stock firmware, but link is broken. Please help?!?

a few words as conclusion: I have tried at least 40 different firmwares.
- the hardware is weak, the wifi is weak, it won't play larger resolution youtube videos and wifi won't reach more than a few megabytes/sec.
- some firmwares only support wireless mouse over the OTG port (if you plug into the other, mouse does not work, and if the firmware puts the device into sleep mode after a minute, you will think that the firmware is broken).
- wifi speed sometimes drops to almost nothing, this might be of anything: wireless mouse receiver in USB, HDMI interference, anything. you can try an USB cable for placing the mouse receiver farther.
- the screen resolution can be changed by replacing script.bin from an other firmware (if you have an SD with Linux, it is easy).
- you can try older and newer firmares of different kernel and android versions, the main problems will not change (wifi or video playback speed).
- the best solution for me is to use a firmware with internal screen resolution change option (Official Rikomagic), set the resolution to something low and youtube videos will run fine (youtube will not try 720 and 1080 that the hardware could not play continuously), although not the most beautiful.

Hi guys,

Can anyone give a link to Mele A200 HTPC (original version, not upgraded) firmware. Both links posted on Mele site ( ) are broken. I need:
A200 Mele_HTPC_ Home _20121220_V1.2

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