vineri, 13 iulie 2012

Stiai despre sistemul Myria IT ProV3 ca...?

Asa cum va comunicam anterior aici, am stabilit faptul ca sistemul Myria IT ProV3 este de fapt faimosul sistem AIO PC G11 al celor de la ECS.

Intre timp am descoperit faptul ca modelul G11 prezinta 3 variante / versiuni, asa cum vedeti in imaginile alaturate: ID1, ID2 si ID3/ID4. In lumina celor descoperite, o identificare corecta a modelului Myria IT ProV3 se poate face cu sistemul AIO PC G11 ID1.

Iata diferentele intre cele 3 variante, dupa spusele producatorului.

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world’s leading motherboard, graphics card, barebone system, notebook and mobile device manufacturer presented white-box All-In-One (AIO) system—G11 not long ago. To surprise the market, ECS provides two more designs for G11—ID2 (North Star) as photo frame style now, and ID4 as L-stand style in Q4, 2011.

Original ID1 as photo-frame style displays an elegant and classical glossy design. ID2 maintains a glossy surface but with a new North Star speaker bezel. North Star represents the leader of stars in Chinese culture and guides the direction in astronomy; G11 new bezel design ID2 leads your new digital life as a North Star. The new ID4 design transfers the photo-frame style to an L-stand style with a brand new stand for users to easily adjust the height and degree of visibility. The new G11 ID4 stand gives you more options for your space arrangement.

G11 adopts Intel® H61 chipset for the latest Intel® 2nd generation processors to extend the powerful possibility of performance. The 21.5” wide LED touch with 10-finger multi-touch and up to 1920 x 1080 resolution is ideal for pleasant touch experience. With two more styles, G11 becomes not only the best home entertainment platform/multi-task working station but also the brightest decoration with elegant design ever.

Detalii suplimentare gasiti aici.

Personal as fi preferat varianta ID4, datorita avantajelor oferite de stand.

Culori disponibile:

- alb
- roz
- negru.

Al meu este negru, cred ca este cea mai raspandita culoare.
Al tau ce culoare are?

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