vineri, 10 august 2012

ECS anunta lansarea unei noi linii de produse intitulata 'Mobile Widgets'

ECS isi dezvolta portofoliul de produse si lanseaza mai nou produse dedicate mobilitatii wireless. Noua linie de produse se numeste 'ECS Mobile Widgets' si contine o combinatie de produse accesibile ca pret si usor de folosit care imbogatesc experienta si interconecteaza toate dispozitivele electronice pentru a descatusa noi capabilitati.

Noua linie de produse 'ECS Mobile Widgets'
- R100 Wi-Bridge
- trei dispozitive Pocket WiFi: Mini & Tiny & Skinny.

- 2 sisteme Pocket Speakerphone: eZ Bun & eZ Bun bt.

R100 Wi-Bridge

The compact ECS R100 Wi-Bridge is a perfect connectivity solution for the your digital life. Turn an ordinary TV into a smart TV. By simply connecting the R100 Wi-Bridge to your TV or projector via HDMI or VGA. Full HD movies, games, and music stored on your computer, smart phone or tablet can then be wirelessly sent to your home theater system, giving you ultimate convenience and comfort. ECS R100's dual-band, high-bandwidth wireless link helps you watch smooth theater-quality Blu-ray 1080p HD movies without glitches.

Pocket WiFi

The ECS Pocket WiFi range includes three compact and versatile devices that provide wireless anytime and anwhere. They range in size from the easily-portable Mini, ideal for home use; through the pocket-sized, Tiny, and the vanishly-small Skinny, perfect for travelers. Pocket WiFi products perform a wide range of functions: these can include adding WiFi capability to computers, TVs, game consoles, in fact almost any device, as long as it has a LAN network socket. Products in the Pocket WiFi range can also provide an instant wireless network anywhere there's an internet connection, such as a hotel room, or even extend the range and coverage of an existing wireless network, to bring internet access to every corner of the home or office.

Pocket Speakerphone

The ECS Pocket Speakerphone Series includes two models, eZ Bun and eZ Bun bt, that are remarkably simple to use, and can transform the way you communicate at work or in your personal life thanks to the built-in microphone with 360° audio pickup coverage zone. Both versions of the ECS Pocket Speakerphone Series have a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that keeps them portable for hassle-free use, and they can be recharged easily by USB.

The eZ Bun designed for office use has performance-enhancing features like noise cancellation and a sensitive microphone with a 3 meter radius coverage range. Laptops, PCs, or tablets are easily connected to this speaker with a built-in microphone thanks to the two 3.5mm jacks and USB port.

The eZ Bun bt designed for everyday life features Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling, and acts as an enhanced music and sound playback source for mobile phones, notebook PCs and other devices. Large, simple controls make it perfect for music listening and handling phone calls while driving.

Mascota folosita de ECS pentru aceasta linie de produse se numeste Elibot, nume ales in urma organizarii unui concurs international pe pagina de Facebook a producatorului taiwanez.

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