sâmbătă, 15 decembrie 2012

Video: Uhost firmware on Rikomagic MK802 II

Today I'll show you how Uhost firwmare is running on Rikomagic MK802 II Android Stick. I'm using the latest Uhost firmware version U1A-404.000.10.121024 

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Great job man :D

One issue I faced, is when the Micro SD is inserted and I turn off my MK802II,then want to turn it on again,it will not run unless I remove the Micro SD. When the OS is running and SD is inserted it runs without any problem.

Ok then, one question: was somehow this Micro SD card use to install the firmware? Because Phoenix Card Tool creates a hidden partition with autoboot, and everytime u start the device with the card inserted it take like 5 minutes to install te firmware again, and again, and again.. Try to use the Phoenix Card Tool and press the button 'Format to Normal' to delete that partition and recover that amount of space.

Hope that helps...

I formatted it and it's working fine now, Thanks for the help :)

I asked the same question on Youtube (srry for the spam but I don't know if u read them) copy paste: Hey Stefan, first my thanks for your awesome blogspot. Tnx to your post on the forums and your blogspot I installed the Uhost firmware on my rikomagic mk802ii. A lot of my issues with the standard firmware are resolved, but there is one little thing that does not work. The device has 2 usb ports: one is called host and the other is called OTG. The host usb is working just fine but the OTG usb (micro USB) is not working for me. Did u have the same issue when running this firmware?

Yes, there is known that in uhost firmware OTG usb is not working, but a simple USB Hub does the trick...

I there, i have a problem playing with xbmc. I cant get any image. Is there any solutions?

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