joi, 17 ianuarie 2013

Rikomagic Remote, DroidMote or Air Mouse?

Rikomagic Remote, DroidMote or Air Mouse? This is the question! Last night I spent some minutes and played with all these three remotes control, and I must say that I surely prefer the hardware solution, that in my case is the Rikomagic MK702 Fly Air Mouse

A few words about Rikomagic MK702 model:
- Especially designed for MK802 Series, so all the buttons are very useful, such as menu / mute / play / pause;
- Perfect fit for fashionable people, beeing very comfortable to use with its mini and slight ergonomic body build;
- Adopt 2.4 G wireless technology, with its supper strong experiencing function, smooth operation, powerful study function, combining together mouse and IR remote control;
- Suitable for TV set-up box / PP TV / PC/ Media Presentation / HD media player; 
- Compatible with Windows/Mac/Android/Linux;
- it is not expansive, the price here is only 20 bucks.

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