vineri, 4 ianuarie 2013

Pipo Tablets Battery Issue Fix

These days I bought a Pipo Smart S1 Android tablet and I was delighted by the quality and the performance of this dual core CPU device. Only one exception: the battery life. Doing a little research on Google I found the solution for my Pipo S1, and this fix may apply also for Pipo U1, Pipo M1, Pipo Max M1, Pipo M3, and so on.

1. MOST IMPORTANT! You MUST use a wall charger with DC output 5V and 2A or 2.5A, because USB 2.0 only give 5V 0.5A, and this DC amperage is not enough to charge your tablet's battery from your PC or your laptop!

2. Install latest firmware available for your Pipo tablet (in my case, Pipo Smart S1 TNT Release 3 from here

3. After new firmware install, use BatteryCalibration app from Google Play to calibrate your batery. Calibration needs to be done everytime after flashing a new ROM.



Pipo tablet battery is just fine, I consider that was a big mistake taken by Pipo not to deliver the tablets with the original wall charger (to keep a lower price, i think). At least, they could communicate to us that thing better. 

PIPO: Attention all clients, to properly use our tablets you have to buy a wall charger with DC output 5V 2.5A. Thank you!

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