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Video HD: Mele firmware A10 neutral version 20130102 installed on Rikomagic MK802II

Firmware Version: Android ICS 4.0.4 
Release date: 27.12.2012
Build number: Common Thu Dec 27 10:22:19 CST 2012 Version 1.2.1

Hello everybody, I just installed a few minutes ago the Mele firmware A10 neutral version 20130102 on my Rikomagic MK802II stick and I can only say for now that the system looks and works incredible fast and smoothly. I only had the time to verify that this version of firmware is rooted and Google Play runs with no problem. You can download Mele firmware A10 neutral version 20130102 from here or from here and use PhoenixCard Tool to burn it to micro SD card, just like in this video tutorial.

I'll be back with news and details about the applications in the next periode, so keep an eye on this blog for more to come.

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Instalat pe Justop MPA040BKT_V2 recunoaste doar unul din cele doua porturi usb si nu recunoaste decat functia ON/OFF de pe telecomanda!

Please upload the file. is removed. :)

I need it too, pls, need other link...

@Ardi Ardi & @Marian Paździoch
Please download it from here http://www.mele.cn/download/21.htm

Big thx, but its only chinese versions of desktop and app. I need A10 neutral version 20130102 but cant find od male.cn site...

@Marian Paździoch
Download it from

Thx 4 remember... Works great...

@Marian Paździoch
You're welcome, share is love! ;)

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