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Rikomagic MK802II short circuit recovery method

Whenever your Rikomagic MK802II has following issues, you might solve these issues by using this recovery/update method.

1. After boot, there is no signal; 
2. There is only boot screen; 
3. System running very slow or/and crashing; 
4. Can’t find the wireless network equipment or can’t connect to wireless network; 
5. When installing apps, player loss power unexpected and cant boot up.

Recovery / update steps:

1. Download from here the firmware .img file and the Livesuit recovery tool. 
2. Decompress the archive and the run the LiveSuit.exe file. 

When the first pop-up window appear, select the 'No' option and then go to the next step, and click “img” to choose tvd_minipc_4.0_0815_ddr408_otd_recovery_....img file for update or recovery.

3. Connet the MK802II to the computer. In this step you'll need  1 piece of thin metal stick. Then you have to remove the bottom cover of MK802II, as below, Take out the USB cable (Micro USB to USB A cable), connect with USB OTG of the unit, then according to below indication, put the thin metal stick between 6th and 7th pin of the flash.

Don’t release the stick yet, and at same time, connect the USB cable with computer, after 3-5s, loose the stick. There will pop out a window guide to install new HW driver, please install according to below step one by one: (this process should execute twice.)

Then select 'Next'. Download the USB driver from here

Unrar the file and then click 'Browse' button, find out from extracted folder, then click “next” to install.

When finished installation, the computer will pop out below window, then click “finish”.

This process should execute twice, after finished, below screen will appear (format confirm window): 

Now select “yes” (left button).

Select “yes” again, then recovery/update process will execute. 

This procedure will cost 3 minutes so please wait patiently and during recovery/upgrade do not remove the usb cable. When the prompt window appears, click “confirm” for confirmation, then pull out the USB cable and then the whole process will be finished. 

1. Same computer just need install driver for one time; 
2. First turn on the unit after recovery/update will cost more long time, and even occur some lag issue, it’s normal since internal apk file need be decompressed and occupy RAM, after 5 minutes, then system running well. So don’t worry about that. 

P.S.: Use this tutorial at your own risk, I'm not responsible for any incorrect use of it or any damage caused to your device.

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