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CyanogenMod10 Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 rooted firmware installed on Rikomagic MK802 II

Firmware Version: Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2       
Release date: 30.11.2012         
Build number: userdebug4.1.2JZO64Keng.shaun.20121130_Seby-port

Installation steps (thanks to servili007 user from Rikomagic Forum)
First of all, you  must have a stock firmware on your MK802II device (MK802II1031 or MK802II1205
Download Win32 Disk Imager from here, and then download the CM10 All in One installer image from here or from here

Extract both zips to an appropriate location and open Win32 Disk Imager within its folder. In the top right corner of the application, select your SD card's drive letter (do not mess this up or you will erase one of your other drives).
Select the CM10 image (it should have an img extension, not zip) and hit the write button. Let the process run through, and once it is complete, safely eject the SD card once more.  

After this step take a look of your SD card content in 'My Computer'.
Download 'CM10_v17' from here or from here, copy it on your SD card instead of the original archive CM10 All in One package and go to the next step.

Insert the card into your (turned off) MK802II and power it up. You should be greeted with the CWM recovery menu.
Standard Keymap for this CWM is up arrow = up, down arrow = down, enter = select, esc = back
DO NOT USE THE STANDARD DATA WIPE/FACTORY RESET OPTION, IT WILL ERASE THE SD CARD. If you do, start over from the beginning of this section.
Go into the mounts and storage menu, and wipe your cache, data, and system. Go back and enter the advanced menu, and wipe your Dalvik Cache.
Return to the main CWM menu and select "Install zip from SD card" followed by "choose zip" and then install the
CM10_v17. Once that completes, return to the zip selection menu and install the gapps package or you can download, put on your SD card and install the newest pack
Now return to the main menu and remove your SD card, then reboot. The card CANNOT be in the slot or CM10 will not boot. If things seem to be hanging at a black screen, power off the device and turn it back on (always without the SD card).
Enjoy the sight of the boot up logo and give it some time to start. A lot of processes are running during your first boot, so give your system time to settle in. If the device appears to hang (even for 5-10 minutes) during this first use, wait for it to respond, it almost always comes back to life or try to restart it after a waiting time.

Enjoy this firmware!

Always keep in mind that this is not a review, just a first sight of this firmware. You have to test it more for another details, to see if it satisfies your needs.

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