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How to dump current Android firmware

Romdump is a (very) simple program that dumps the boot, recovery and system partitions to your SD card, this will allow someone who is technicaly minded to create a recovery image.
First, you need a rooted device before you can begin the process. After you have rooted it, you have download from Play Store an application called 'Android terminal emulator'.

Next, copy the 'romdump' file to your SD card and put the sdcard into your device. Copy and paste the romdump file to /data/local/ (open root browers /root access file manager and then go to data folder and then open local folder and paste the file romdump). Change the permission of the romdump file (using ES File Explorer --> Hold the file --> Properties --> and change it to 755 (rwxrw-rw).
Created a folder name 'romdump' in SD card.  Open the installed android terminal emulator app and use to following command:
After you run that you can copy the whole folder from /sdcard/romdump to your PC (using external sdcard, usb plug-in, etc)

Note: if you get a error about "cannot create /sdcard/romdump/..." that means you need remove a file/folder in your sdcard that named as romdump. You will see all the things whats going on below if you see this then you will get the ROM dumped if not then follow the steps once again.

Here is the list of the files you get after running romdump:

Android ROM dumper v0.82b
(c)2011 Sebastian404
Device : xxxxxxx

Creating required files... done.
Opening mtd table... done.
Dumping kernel config... /proc/config.gz: No such file or directory
Dumping boot partition... done.
Dumping recovery partition... done.
Dumping system partition... done.
Creating Checksums... done.
Cleaning up... done.
All done. 

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There are several mistakes in this description, first the file permissions. Second, it is not /data/romdump but/data/local/romdump. Third: ERROR cannot open perm.dir. When searching in my device, there is no perm.dir

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