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iMito MX1/MX2 Android 4.2 Custom Rom by Finless installed on Rikomagic MK802IIIS

Yet another 4.2 firmware for our stick: iMito MX1/MX2 Android 4.2 Custom Rom by Finless. First, you have to download the firmware image from here here or from here. Then follow this tutorial to flash the firmware image with Rockchip Batch Tool.

Features and release notes for 2.9 JB 4.2.2 ROM
1) Rooted with an updated SU and Superuser.apk that works with 4.2.2
2) Debloated of a some bloat apps!
3) As always, full init.d support! If you do not know what that is… ignore it. For geeks that want to use it. It is there!
4) Gameloft fix. This fixes Gameloft games from crashing to the desktop.
Many of them do not run and crash to the desktop. This is due to a license check based on the device.
Special thanks to Christian Troy for inventing this fix. I modded it for this ROM.

5) Phone carrier fix for Google Market unlock (more APPs show up).
For some reason this was not built in like other stock ROMs.

6) Unlocked hidden settings:-> Accessibility
7) New “grid” style launcher available as a choice of launchers.
Some people still want the Alternate launcher that comes with many TV sticks for EZ TV use. I took this from another 4.2.2 ROM. This of course comes with the RK settings as well. If you want to remove this just use ES File explorer and delete these files from /system/app
Now just reboot and all this will be gone.

I fixed the stock JB launcher icon placement.The icons were not in the dock but just above it which was ugly!
9) All Google APPs updated except Google Search
10) Busybox that I like best Wraitdu 1.19.4
11) Changed build.prop so USB connaction to PC is a Mass Storage device and not a MTP device.
This ROM has no settings to change that at all (I will fix that later). I prefer a Mass Storage device myself.
You can easily change it back in build.prop. I commented out the MTP line.

12) Build.prop edit to open up the Google Play store to APPs that normally say “not compatible”. I am spoofing a Samsung device that will show almost any APP as compatible. Your device will now NOT show up as a MK808 device to Google Play! Understand this please. I also left the original buiild.prop in the ROM called build.orig. If you want to go back, just use ES FIle Explorer or a root file explorer and rename build.prop to build.old Then rename build.orig to build.prop. Go into settings, apps, all and go into the Google Play app. Clear the cache and data. Reboot!
13) RK Remote control does not work in this ROM! It crashes!
I will work on fixing this later. It’s a very common issue with 4.2.2.
However the MK808 4.2.2 ROM works so I will try to fix this issue in a future release.

14) Petrus reboot APP is added
15) 1080P patched kernel baby! I patched the stock kernel to 1080P.
There are 2 kernels and 2 boots in the ROM kit. By default kernel720 and boot720 are selected in the flash tool. If you want to use a 1080 kernel then read the instructions.

Always keep in mind that this is not a review, just a first sight of this firmware. You have to test it more for another details, to see if it satisfies your needs.

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I have a question, what is the method of creating a custom firmware which can then be loaded into the device ? i am interested to have a JeOS with Kodi on it and that's it..

i am interested to know the method of creating a custom firmware?

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