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Mele Smart TV Box A10 v2.0.4 Metro / Modern UI firmware

Firmware Version: Android ICS 4.0.4 
Release date: 12.06.2013
Build number: MeleHTPCVersion2.0.4

In this chapter we've got another firmware for our MK802II Stick: today we are talking about Mele Smart TV Box A10 v2.0.4 Metro / Modern UI firmware, you can download it from here or from here.

The method is the same, burn the firmware with PhoenixCard Tool on your micro SD card, insert it in your MK802II stick, power on and wait 4-5 minute. In fact, you can learn from this video tutorial how to do it exactly. First boot takes longer, you have to wait about 5 minutes, so please be patient.

This firmware is particular with its frontend looking like Windows 8. 
1. solve network problems playback buffer Caton
2. restoring FireAir features, support multi-screen interactive
3. solve standby, the weather does not appear out of the issue
4. resolved after restart av audio output did not save the problem
5. solve AV display output standby, then start box, TV no ​​display problem upgrade

To get google apps, from the installed Mele firmware, use the Internet navigator and download this: http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip 
This will put the file in /mnt/sdcard/Download/, where the init script looks at. Reboot, wait for the device to reboot and you are done. Or you can install gapps using GappInstaller-1.1.; you have to put gapps.zip on an external SD card or USB flash and launch this application. Choose the path and ignore a few errors, then restart the device and you're done.

What is added/fixed:
- copied some app/apks (from v1.3.1 fw) in order to support gapps 
- copied Youtube apk from v1.3.1 fw (or you can download and install this one - YouTube v4.1.23.apk)
- added ES Explorer
- boot defaults to en_US
- deactivated /system/lib/hw/sensors.exDroid.so (fixes 100% system_server bug)
- added /etc/init.d capability
- added capability to install gapps if zip present in /mnt/sdcard, by a /etc/init.d script
- removed the Chinese applications (you can still find them in the original update.zip in system/preinstall and system/vendor/app, I kept Flash Player).
- added xpad.ko module (found here: MELE A1000 Hacking - XBOX 360 controller support in 3.0.8 kernel)

Credits go to Thierry Merle

Enjoy this new find, share is love! 

Always keep in mind that this is not a review, just a first sight of this firmware. You have to test it more for another details, to see if it satisfies your needs.

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