luni, 3 iunie 2013

Rikomagic MK802IV First Hands-on

Yesterday I had the chance to test for the first time the new Rikomagic MK802IV Mini PC. Here you'll find the unboxing experience.

These are my main first impressions:
- the case is the same like the Rikomagic MK802IIIS stick; we can also admire the new RKM logo on this device. The wall adapter power supply included in the pack is good news, now the Rikomagic MK802IV has enough power to operate at full potential.
- in Antutu Benchmark Rikomagic MK802IV scores almost 15.000 points, which is an amazing performance, according to the rankings of this benchmark. 
- the firmware is stable and works like a charm; however I guess that in the near future we'll get another update from Rikomagic;
- this firmware version comes pre-rooted, so you only have to install 'SuperSu' or 'Superuser' free from 'Play Store' and you have a rooted device.
- Wireless is working pretty good and fast, without dropping; gaaps are preinstalled and fully functional;
- the device is Miracast capable. Miracast is a point-to-point, enhanced version of WiFi Direct, that allows both audio and video content transfer between two devices without the need to be near a WiFi Access Point, the use of a router, or integration within full home or office network. 

Stay close, these days I'll be back with a full review of this device.

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