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RKM MK802IV firmwares gathered on one place!

In this short post I gathered all the links with the different versions of firmware tested by me for Rikomagic MK802IV Mini PC (RTL8188 version).

4. Kasty Android 4.2.2 Custom Root Firmware based on FW0603 version (JB 4.2.2, custom firmware, rooted)
5. Neomode Android 4.2.2 Real 1080P Output custom firmware (JB 4.2.2, custom firmware, rooted)
6.  4.2.2 Jelly Bean IV130613 official firmware (JB 4.2.2, official firmware, rooted
7.  4.2.2 Jelly Bean IV130620 official firmware (JB 4.2.2, official firmware, rooted)
8. 1080p 0fficial firmware 20130805 v1.1 (JB 4.2.2, official firmware, rooted)
9.  NeoTV Crom v1.3 firmware (JB 4.2.2, custom firmware, rooted)
10. Rikomagic Official 1080p firmware 8188 20130905 (JB 4.2.2, official firmware, rooted)
11. NeoTV Crom 1.5 firmware (JB 4.2.2, custom firmware, rooted)
12. Ugoos UT1 Riley/Finless ROM v1.0a  (JB 4.2.2, custom firmware, rooted)
13. Ugoos UT1 4.2.2 official firmware (JB 4.2.2, unofficial firmware, not rooted)
14. Rikomagic Official firmware version 20131111 (JB 4.2.2, official firmware, rooted)
15. Neomode Custom Rom MK802IV Old Wifi Version 3.0 Android 4.4.2 FullHD (KK 4.4.2, custom firmware, rooted)
16. Official KitKat firmware version 140616 (KK 4.4.2, official firmware, rooted)

Stay focused, more to come!      
What's your favourite firmware? 
Please tell us why!     

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Please make a review for the new ROM Vondroid

De curand am cumparat un MK802IV .Te rog sa-mi spui si mie ce rom ti sa parut mai bun(rapid si stabil) pentru acest device.Dupa doua zile de functionare sant cam dezamagit de achizitie,nu ruleaza nici ca un telefon dual core de 800 cu 700 mega ram,iar de temperatura ce sa-ti mai povestesc...Multumesc anticipat,

@Gaby Nartea
Ce versiune de chip WiFi/BT are? RTL8188 sau AP6210?

Nu stiu exact,sn:20130702600,si ruleaza Neotvcr v1.0.0-130514.Multumesc.

De cand am pus firmware-ul indicat de dvstra.s-a schimbat totul in bine!Este de nerecunoscut!Stabil,Rapid...Mai am doar o problema minora,:O data la doia-trei zile,la prima pornire a sistemului ,se misca foarte greu si sacadat(ca si cum ai avea un windows fara drivere video).
De la a doua pornire totul revine la normal!
Multumesc mult pentru ajutor,Toate cele bune!

@Gaby Nartea
Ma bucur sa aud ca e mai bine! ;)

Salut! cum imi dau seama daca am RTL8188 sau AP6210?

Vendor software version RKM MK802IV_ANDROID4.2.2-SDK_V1.0.0_130514
Kernel version: 3.0.36+ Fri Nov 16:39:22 2013 si build number RKM MK802IV-eng 4.2.2.JDQ39 eng.ant.20131122.163936 test-keys. Nu stiu ce inseamna Vendor software 130514. Asa l-am comandat, nu i-am facut niciun update :( doar va filmele, pe langa faptul ca merg sacadat, nu sunt clare deloc....pana si pe televizoarele de pe timpul lui ceausescu vedeam mai clara imaginea. Multumesc Anca

@Gaby Nartea & @aky_17
Mergi la
Daca ai serialul intre 201305****to 201306**** atunci ai prima generatie de MK802IV, adica versiunea cu RTL8188.
Daca ai serialul dupa 201307 atunci ai versiunea cu AP6210

Hi m8s, there's a new firmware "MK802IV Software(140324):S/N from 201307**** till now" on this link:

Any firmware working on Measy U4C ?

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Any recommendations for a good stable ROM I could use?

What I need to work:
Smooth 720p video playback,
Good WiFi speed,
(Hopefully) being able to stream from a Windows share.
What I've tried:
Latest Rikomagic FW (201403-something): as crappy as the one the stick came with. Stutter 720p and low WiFi bandwidth, about 150 KB/s.
Neomode Hybrid ROM 1.7: smooth 720p, but still low WiFi, screen flickering and image disappearing every few seconds.
Neomode Custom Rom MK809III Version 3.1: pretty good WiFi, but stutter 720p, screen flickering, sound interrupting every few seconds both in YouTube and MX Player.
I am pretty sure poor WiFi performance is not a "router channel crowded" issue, my desktop which is near my mini pc during testing can download with 4-5 MB/s from Internet.

Thank you in advance.

@Marius Candea
Asa cum scrie in primul paragraf din articol, este o lista dosr pentru prima generatie Mk802IV. Asadar le poti instala, doar ca nu va functiona WiFi si BT.

it is normal that you get with mxplayer stutturing video! also using HW + in the settings. fiemware will install if you use any mxplayer have problems with some formats trusted I tried them all! if you want to watch videos smoothly you have to use xbmc gotham 13.1 and you'll have the fluidity. used as NeoMode firmware 3.1 or SMIC 1080p mk809III! you can find all the details on freaktab

buna ziua
am o rugaminte ,as dorii sa reinstalez softul pe un rikomagic 802IV dar nu il vede ca si driver .
mentionez ca am win10 pro
multumesc anticipat

Incearca de pe un Pc cu XP sau Windows 7.

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