luni, 7 octombrie 2013

Ugoos UT1 Riley/Finless ROM v1.0a installed on RKM MK802IV Stick

This is a custom 4.2.2 firmware made by Riley for Ugoos UT1 model. First, you have to download the firmware image from here, here or from here.You can install it, with some limitations, on RKM MK802IV Stick (RTL8188 version).

Build details: 
- Rooted (with latest Superuser)  
- 4gb user app space  
- init.d support
- Google Play Store fixes  
- Location Services enabled
- Gameloft Game fix added  
- Debloated
- Your choice of 720p or 1080p resolution (depending on which kernel you decide to flash)  
- Reboot app by Petrus  
- Bootanimation by Tattman65  
- Flash Tool by Finless  
- Your choice of Launchers  
- First Time User's Guide by Pr0xZen

- very fast and stable;
- Wifi & Ethernet working just fine
- Bluetooth not working;
- Video playback and video streaming seems very ok. 
- USB audio doesn't work.

Enjoy this new find, share is love!

Always keep in mind that this is not a review, just a first sight of this firmware. You have to test it more for another details, to see if it satisfies your needs.

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