joi, 14 noiembrie 2013

HOT! Download Rockusb Driver v3.7 for Windows 8.1

Finally! Now you can download Rockchip Driver v3.7 for Windows 8.1 from here, here or here. I can't wait to get home to test it. If you manage to test it on Windows 8.1, plese let us know it really works.

Ver: Rockusb Driver v3.7
Date: 2013.11.06

1.) Support Windows 8.1
2.) Support USB 3.0 controller on Windows 8/8.1

[Update] I didn't test it, but from the feedback received till now it looks like unfortunately even this driver does not work on Windows 8.1. So we have to wait...


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Rockusb_Driver_v3.7.rar contains rockusb.sys = Fuzhou Rockchip USB Driver instead of!

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