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Official Jelly Bean 4.2.2 firmware 20131107 installed on Rikomagic MK802IIIS BT

This is the official 4.2.2 firmware 20131107 released by Rikomagic for our stick. First, you have to download the firmware image from here, here or from here. Then follow this tutorial to flash the firmware image with Rockchip Batch Tool v1.7.

Build details: 
- Android 4.2.2 - Jelly bean
- Kernel 3.0.36+
- Languages: all

- gapps are preinstalled - the firmware is rooted, just need to install SuperSu or Superuser from Play Store to have root acces.
- Wifi & Bluetooth working just fine
- Video playback and video streaming seems ok 

1.Fixed some flymouses and keyboards plugged in, prompts the "Format" problem.
2.Fixed some audio bugs.
3.Fixed QQ,Skype video stutter problem.
4.Removed force horizontal screen display mode,added rotation button in status bar and switch on/off
option in settings of screen.
5.Optimized online streaming video playback.
6.Optimized blu-ray video playback.
8.Fixed 1080p UI display problems.But note:there might be some third party application layout problems.
9.Added mobile control QR Code on the main screen.

Enjoy this new find, share is love!

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Hi, thanks for your many useful posts!
I have recently upgraded my MK802IIIS(B) first version using the latest w2comp custom firmware (JB 4.2.2). Everything went well except that now I have no ways to turn neither WiFi nor bluetooth on anymore. I guess this is due to the fact that the new firmware is for the new version of the same miniPC using the new WiFi module.
I have then decided to revert it back to Android 4.1.2 to get it work again but I could not succeed on that, both trying to flash the original Rikomagic 4.1 rom and also the w2comp one. The tool always gets stuck on the download process (it fails at the end).
Could you please make a post explaining how to downgrade from 4.2.2. to 4.1? or in general how to switch for one rom to another easily?
That would be wonderful!

Thank you!

Please tell us which version of MK802IIIS(B) do you have?
1. MTK chip: MT5931 Wifi & MT6622 Bluetooth
2. AP6210

Hi again,
I have the Mediatek version: MT5931 Wifi & MT6622 Bluetooth


Then try from this list http://touchscreen-apps.blogspot.ro/2013/04/mk802iiis-firmwares-gathered-on-one.html

I actually have already tried this out. I have selected the first firmware on the list, downloaded from Rikomagic (the other 2 links don't work anymore) and tried to flash the image back to my device using both tool v. 1.5 and 1.7. I always get the error when it is downloading (flashing) the image to the device... it goes to 100% and then it shows "error"!.
I think because the partitioning is different and I should restore the original conditions?

I have managed to successfully install the latest Rikomagic 4.2.2 software (11-07-2013) and now WiFi and bluetooth work again.
Still it seems i cannot flash the 4.1.2 firmware back. Does that mean that downgrade is not feasible?

Thank you!

I always went forward; but from my experience it is posibble to downgrade; it is possible to be just a different boatloader...

tengo mk802IIIs cpu rk3066 y no funciona la wifi

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