joi, 16 ianuarie 2014

How you can get 1TB free space in the cloud for life

Until 20 January 2014, offers 1TB of free space in the cloud for life.

To benefit from this offer, you must follow a few steps:
- First, you need an email address. This can create here. (must complete name, date of birth, city,  gender, username and password).
-  After pressing the green button, you will receive an SMS with a 5-digit code that you enter in the box. (or you can simple press ' I don't have a mobile phone. ')
- After creating the mailbox, enter the and log in with your account from
- Then, for a more gentle, download app for Android or iOS.

The best part comes from the fact that the applications menu is in English. It must be said that the size of each file can be up to 2 GB. At first login you'll have only 100 MB free in cloud, but after installing the PC, Android or iOs dedicated application, you'll get the rest to 1 TB.

If it seems that there are still too many steps, just imagine you are working on how to get to 50 GB on Dropbox. Or that some such services require $ 10 / month or 10% of what offers free.

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