luni, 24 februarie 2014

Lumia Black Update 'low storage space' error fix

Many users lately reported Error 80188309 with Lumia Black OTA update. The issue? The update is downloaded but it won’t open, due to low storage space. Hopefully nothing worse, like the phone bricking.

Here is the fix

The update is pretty big and most likely you will get the message that I also received: Insufficient space on your phone. All you have to do is restart the phone and uninstall (temporarily) games or large applications and delete temporary files. Remove or move the content to which you do not need the Lumia Windows Phone 8 using the application storage check. Access Settings > Check Storage, pull your finger to view Details:
  • Remove downloaded maps in the phone and delete temporary files.
  • Touch application details to find out what applications you have on your phone. I suggest you uninstall some applications to increase space in the phone memory.
  • If you have a PC, connect your phone to your computer with a compatible USB cable. On your computer, use Windows Explorer and navigate to the phone to see a list of folders: Documents, Music, Pictures, Ringtones and Videos. Right click on the file you want to move, click Cut, right-click on a location on the PC, and then click Paste.
  • Remove old Office documents on your phone (click Start, then drag your finger and touch the Applications list Office).
  • Delete browsing history, temporary files, cookies and passwords saved in Internet Explorer (Settings > Applications > Internet Explorer > delete history).
  • Clear previous searches on the map and temporary files from your phone (Settings > Applications> Maps > delete history).
  • Clear Search History Bing, including Bing Vision and Bing searches Music (settings > applications > search > clear history).
To consider
At the stage of 'preparing to install', the screen will remain stuck at 100 % for about 5 minutes, then you get the message 'ready to install the update'.

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