marți, 11 martie 2014

Download Philips Twonky MediaManager v.3.0.3 + Server 7.0.9 Special

MediaManager offers video management, as well as Media Feeds from popular services like Flickr®, SHOUTcast Radio™ and more. It's a full-fledged DLNA (Digital Living Network Association) UPnP client/server that allows you to play any media found on PCs or DLNA devices (TVs, game consoles, A/V systems, digital media adapters and mobile devices, game consoles, etc.) on your network, as well as local media found on your PC. Most non-DLNA certified UPnP devices will work as well, and TwonkyMedia can also access media from Flickr and YouTube after you provide your online username for these services. Internet Radio streaming is offered as well.

TwonkyMedia Manager handles music, images, and video and is nearly an industry standard--it's the embedded media server on a number of network attached storage boxes. The program is easy to use, though the help file dwelled unnecessarily on why the program is so great and what you can do with it. I wanted to find out how to add media to the program, and it took more digging than I'd like to find out that you must add a path to it on the server settings page in the configuration dialog. You can't simply click an add button on the main page or drag and drop files or folders to the TwonkyMedia Manager interface--a usability issue I'd like to see addressed.

Download Philips Twonky MediaManager  v.3.0.3 + Server 7.0.9 Special from here, here or here.


Download Philips Wi-Fi MediaConnect version 1.6.42 from here.
Download Philips SimplyShare from here.

MediaManager + Server for Windows
Version 3.0.3 - Fix: Notification area (System tray) improvements
Version 3.0.2 - Release

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