sâmbătă, 5 ianuarie 2013

XBMC For Android v1.0 Build 20130102 running on Rikomagic MK802II

Yesterday I installed on my Rikomagic MK802II the new XBMC Media Center For Android v1.0 Build 20130102 Neon. You can download the apk from here. The experience is much better than the first release.


Today I installed the newer and official version -  XBMC for Android Frodo v12.0 RC3. You can download the apk from here

XBMC for Android Frodo v12.0 RC3 (Official) 
HD audio support, including DTS-MA and Dolby True-HD, via the new XBMC AudioEngine
Live TV and PVR support
h.264 10bit (aka Hi10P) video software decoding for anime
64bit support in OSX to match the 64bit support in Linux
Improved image support, allowing the database to accomodate numerous additional image types
Support for the Raspberry PI
Initial support for the Android platform
Improved Airplay support across all platforms, including Airplay audio in XBMC for Windows to match the other platforms
Improved controller support in Windows and Linux
Advanced Filtering in the library
Advanced UPnP sharing
Translations now powered by Transifex

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iti recomand sa pui plugin-ul de Vplay de aici
ce e drept, l-am testat doar pe MK802 IIIS.
spor la treaba

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