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PortWorld WLWK-05 USB WiFi Dongle & Philips 22PFL3507T Smart TV

I own for several months now a  Philips 22PFL3507T 3500 series Smart TV, with WiFi Ready option. According to Philips, to enhance the WiFi capabilities of my Smart TV, I must buy Philips Wi-Fi USB adapter PTA01. In my area this adapter costs about USD 82 + shipping tax.
I took my chances, I did a short research online, so I found a convenient cheaper replacement - PortWorld WLWK-05 USB 150Mbps Wireless Network Card, which costs only USD 8,28, with free shipping to my country (Romania). You can buy it from

With this WiFi adapter you can connect the TV to your home network wirelessly. You can enjoy the best of the Internet from Smart TV services and share content between your connected devices using DLNA. If you connect your TV to the home network, you can share movies, pictures, and music from a computer or media server on your home network. If you connect your TV to the Internet, you can enjoy a wealth of streaming movies, pictures, music and much more with Youtube application.
I was able to search online for firmware updates, although my Smart TV already has the latest version T922E 2.13. Also, I was able to stream easily on my TV a lot of video content from my Android smartphone Huawei Ascend G300 using iMediaShare HD application.

So, I gusess that this USB WiFi adapter is compatible with the whole Philips 3500 series Smart TVs.

Start wireless setup 
1. Switch on your wireless network router. 
2. Connect the PortWorld WLWK-05 WiFi adapter to a USB connector on the TV. The wireless installation starts automatically. 
3. Follow the onscreen instructions. 
Tip: Keep the wireless USB adapter connected to the TV.

I'll be back with photos and videos.

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